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Revival Booking presents:

  • the BEYOND VISION tour, an exclusive Swedish date on 09/05/2024 with -

ACID KING - US Building her electric empire, riff-by-riff, for nearly 30 years Lori S, the driving force and master cylinder of Acid King came screaming out of San Francisco in 1993 with a sound that fused heavy ’70s proto-metal with the kind of bleary, slow- rolling dirge of riffing power being harnessed by their contemporaries in Sleep and Electric Wizard. The band’s 1993 debut 10” was followed two years later by their first full-length album Zoroaster (Sympathy For The Record Industry), which set the stage for a trio of crucial releases on Frank Kozik’s famed Man’s Ruin label, but it would be Acid King’s acclaimed 1999 album 'Busse Woods' that solidified their reputation amongst a generation of riff worshipers, and heavy rock enthusiasts. An album that still spins regularly at Revival HQ, the significance of Acid King’s influence in the scene is undeniable and we’re truly psyched to bring them home to their fans in Göthenburg.

With a new album ‘Beyond Vision,’ released on the 24th of March 2023, we’re given something unlike anything Acid King has done before and the undulating, lysergic pulse that underscores each composition marks the dawn of a new era for a band that previously relied almost exclusively on thundering riffage. Don’t get it twisted, there are blistering guitars aplenty. Beyond Vision is simply Acid King in widescreen technicolor and interstellar cinema-scope. Groovy jams, gradual swells and extended instrumental passages feature prominently. The fuzzed-out riffs, exploratory leads, and Lori's ethereal vocals floating in and out of a psychedelic fever dream will take us to the furthest reaches of a fuzzy, hazy galaxy yet unexplored.

Join us on Thursday the 9th of May to experience the intoxicating magic of San Francisco’s stoner rock queen, Lori S and bask in all of the heavy glory of the legendary Acid King.

VOKONIS - SWE Vokonis crafts dreamily heavy, masterfully progy, grunge laced metal that effortlessly moves between catchy yet blisteringly swaggering riffs and dazzling compositional complexity with immersive emotion at its core. The band welcome us to a metallicly focused sometimes sludgy, doomy landscape yet never fails to provide original, powerful, dynamic arrangements with their releases and live performances garnering rave international reviews and great anticipation.

EARTH TONGUE - NZ Sometimes music is supposed to feel weird and indescribable. It’s the moments of clarity within the dense, sonic mess that often feels the most satisfying.

That’s the space that Earth Tongue occupy. At times, their songs are shrill and disorientating, other times their reverb-washed textures and instantly-familiar hooks can wrap you in a warm, loving embrace.

The one consistent thread through their music, however, is the thick and all-encompassing fuzz. Guitarist Gussie Larkin (Mermaidens) has become a master of the fuzz-smothered riff, and along with Ezra Simons’ off-kilter drumming, they’ve been sending punters into transcendental states since they began gigging in their home town of Wellington in 2016.


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