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Arrangör: Moriska Paviljongen

Welcome back to the original


2—11 May 2024 at Moriska Paviljongen in Malmö!

We are so happy that our dear little city is hosting the Eurovision Song Contest again. Last time around, in 2013, we were a small passionate team creating the very first and original Euro Fan Café. We created a meeting place for Eurovision fans in a down-to-earth festival full of Eurovision goodness, created for fans, by fans. A place to meet people. A place to meet the artists. A place to indulge in everything Eurovision. Our geeky, tongue-in-cheek, friendly and wild programme became a success beyond our wildest expectations.

We are very honoured to be given the opportunity to once again host the Euro Fan Café at Moriska Paviljongen together with OGAE Sweden, in the middle of the official Eurovision Village in Folkets Park in central Malmö. The original creators of the first Euro Fan Café are back to ensure you get as many once-in-a-lifetime-moments as possible during your stay in Malmö. This is our invitation to you.


You are a Eurovision lover, about to do Malmö 2024. Whether you are here for a day or here for two weeks, you want to experience all things Eurovision. There will be everything from spectacular adventures to great shows, in venues and parties all around the city. Moriska Paviljongen offers you our beautiful venue and garden as your basecamp for these explorations. We are designing and planning it around values like happiness, togetherness, imagination, tolerance and interaction. We leave politics and worldly troubles outside and immerse ourselves in Eurovision and fun.

Here you start your day having brunch, plan your excursions, explore the programme of the entire city, join up with new people in our meetup groups, play games or just hang out. You will get the behind-the-scenes meetings with artists, songwriters and other Eurovision people. We invite artists to perform at our stages and do Fan Conferences, like press conferences but with you asking the questions. In 2013, we had artists visiting us from 24 countries, and it was so much fun! In the evenings you get those once-in-a-lifetime experiences happening in talk shows, live band karaoke nights, drag, special surprise music quiz nights and other events producing magic moments.

At night, Euro Fan Café is where we all meet up to dance, drink, eat and tell each other about our adventures. There is always one immersive Eurovision party floor with the latest and classic Eurovision songs, and always with some surprises. There will always be one chill place where we can actually talk to each other. There will always be one place to experience something unexpected. Everything is Eurovision.

Euro Fan Café is your basecamp.

  • Events can be filled to capacity, so it will be important to arrive early to choose which events you’d like to attend.
  • We are open day and night for 10 consecutive days.
  • The age limit is 18 years.
  • For OGAE Members: There is a limit of one Basecamp Bracelet or maximum one Day Ticket for each evening per member. Only OGAE members are allowed to buy discounted tickets and there will be a check of your OGAE International membership card (Cardskipper) when collecting your bracelet at Moriska Paviljongen. If you don't have an active membership card in May, please contact your national OGAE Club to obtain a certificate of your membership to show at the door.

See you soon in Malmö!

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