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Startar 19 jul 15:30
Slutar 23 jul 14:30

The 7th summer movement retreat at magical and stunning Gotland. This year is the overall theme is variation of embodiment. Read more at www.bodymoves.se

We will explore our inner and outer nature, the four different elements. flowing - earth, staccato - fire, chaos - water, lyrical - air, stillness - ether. The elements are known as resources in most cultures and traditions like at the indigenous people, in yoga and in shamanic practice, as well in the maps of the 5Rhythms. The purpose is to sense and experience how each element can be a resource for our awareness when moving with body and emotions.

We will explore the endless possibilities to move through a 5Rhythms wave (movement cycle.) The invitation is to bring creativity and curiosity to our habitual ways of moving to expand our movement language. We will also investigate the relational aspect of moving with me, you and us.

Moving with the language and landscape of the 5Rhythms map is direct, profound and real. It’s a way to align with aliveness, reconnect and empower our body, mind and heart.

For you who wants To be reminded of your very first language: movement. To listen, connect and ground your self in your body To cultivate curiosity, safety and self compassion. To trust your movement expression and vocabulary. To explore you intuitive, instinctive body intelligence and to trust your inner guiding compass and signals. To be close to nature and the beach. To practice self regulation and co-regulation. To be part of a community in motion.

We will use Movement, dance, our body, nature, breath, meditation, our 5 senses, self reflection, yoga, music, the group, sharing, touch and written words as resources to experience, express and embody ourselves. It’s a mix of guided exercises and free moving session with a variation of music from different cultures, styles and genres.

Every day will include 2 5Rhythms movement lab 3 vegetarian delicious meals 1 long break in the afternoon for rest, swim, beach time, what you need

We live in our own house 5 min from a beautiful beach. 10 min walking distance to Högklint with its stunning view. 20 min bike ride to Visby.

Dates: 19 - 23 July Venue: Fridhem, Gotland, Sweden Accommodation: 350 sek/natt (you can arrive and stay one night before and after) Payed on arrival. Food: 2.500 sek for all the days except for the excursion day.

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