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Startar 29 jun 17:00

Arrangör: Surr Arena

Hello dear Nawasaki guests! 😍

Summer is approaching, and we’re excited to invite you to our first major event: Nawasaki Fullmoon Party on June 29th.😍🌴

Full Moon Party is a legendary event that usually takes place on the tropical island of Koh Phangan in Thailand. It’s renowned worldwide for its magical beach parties held under the full moon. Thousands of visitors gather to celebrate, dance, and experience the enchanting atmosphere that Full Moon Party offers.🇹🇭

Last year, we had an outstanding Fullmoon-themed party, and for those who attended, you know how unforgettable it was.

As summer approaches, let’s bring a taste of Thailand to us! Join us for a day of tropical bliss where the sun shines, the music plays, and the vibes are simply mesmerizing. Indulge in authentic Thai cuisine and cool off with our refreshing, tropical drinks.🍹

For those familiar with Nawasaki, you know we love themes. To enhance the Fullmoon theme, our dress code is tropical vibes 🌴 (wear green/colorful attire).

Ticket Information: To welcome summer with you, wev’e chosen to sell tickets at a nice price, thus we've introduced "early arriver tickets", meaning they're only valid for the first hour of the event! This is only for people who arrive early. So if you try to use it after the first hour, the ticket will not work. 🎟️

In Case of Rain: If we're lucky with the weather, we're open from 17:00 to 22:00, but if the weather turns bad, our opening hours change to 23:00 to 03:00 instead. The tickets are valid for both of these timeframes. 🌧️

**Location: ** Beloved Surr Arena’s terrace – a tropical oasis where we can dream ourselves to Thailand’s beaches. Let’s come together and create the biggest day party!🥳 ☀️

Time: 17:00- 22:00

Dress Code: Tropical vibes 🌴(Green/Colorful)

Age limit: 18+

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