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Entrén öppnar 16 maj 20:00
Startar 16 maj 21:00

Arrangör: City to City

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City to City ❀ Klubb Nuclear Nation

đŸ–€ Elektrokohle & Cosey Mueller 📅 16 maj, 2024 📍 Platens Bar, Linköping 🧍StĂ„ende publik 🔞 FrĂ„n 18 Ă„r

Tider 20:00 - Dörrar ● 21:00 - Show-start (OBS: ny tid!)

đŸ–€ Mer om kvĂ€llens akter đŸ©” Elektrokohle International Noise-Post-punk newcomer trio based in Berlin comprises members from Italy, Germany, and Brazil, namely Suzan Flag (bass), Mr. Cigarette Butt (vocals, synth), and Mona Manie. (guitar)

Pulling their inspirations from ’80s Punk, Noise, Krautrock, DarkSurf, and Punk Blues bents, the band’s self-dubbed “Cold Punk” sound is defined somehow as a visceral and gritty mix between Suicide, Birthday Party and Warsaw with a sound palette of its own.

Having started as a Duo in the Corona lockdown in 2021, Mona and C. demonstrated all of its gloomy times in both sound and lyrics. Sparse bilingual vocals, motorik beats, industrial clangs, screeching and echoing guitar and a hypnotic synth, all amount to an intoxicating mix. The first demo was recorded DIY on a 8 track recorder and convinced with a lo-fi, dark pounding and anxious sound.

đŸ©”Cosey Mueller is a musician and artist currently living and working in Berlin. After finishing her studies in fine art at Udk Berlin in 2018 she started her musical career as one half of the synthpunk duo DAS DAS whith which she released two albums “DAS DAS (S/T)“ in 2020 and “Leben in Bildschirmen“ in 2021 (label: Detriti). She also played synthesizer in the hardcore/experimental group Glaas whith which she co- released their album “Qualm” in 2022 and their EP “Cruel heart cold Summer” in 2023 (label: Static Shock). “Interior Escapes” was her solo debut, a self released synthwave project recorded on tape during the 2020/2021 pandemic times. It was followed by her second LP, “Irrational Habits”, released February 2023 (label: Static Age). Her live performances as a solo artist is a mixture of analog backing beats, loud distorted guitar, synthesizer melodies, noise elements and expressive vocals.

👜 VÄSKFÖRBUD PĂ„ evenemanget gĂ€ller vĂ€skförbud. SmĂ„ vĂ€skor (max 20x20x10cm) OK, men kommer att genomsökas av entrĂ©vĂ€rd.

♿TillgĂ€nglighet Personer med rörelseförhinder kan besöka Platens via annan entrĂ©, kontakta oss pĂ„ City to City eller info@platensbar.com för information.

Evenemanget sker i samarbete med Linköpings kommun och Studieförbund i Samverkan.

📍PLATENS BAR Address: Platensgatan 5, 582 20 Linköping

StĂ„ende publik 🔞 FrĂ„n 18 Ă„r

Framträdanden av Elektrokohle, Cosey Mueller

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