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Startar 17 maj 18:00

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✨ Philippe Katerine and Philippe Eveno Live Performance + DJ-Set by Paulette Sauvage ✨

Embark on an intimate journey with Philippe Katerine and Philippe Eveno, and enjoy their live show for the first time abroad. Welcome to a performance like no other!

Based on a book written and illustrated by Philippe Katerine, this two-part show starts with a lecture by the artist himself. With his trademark humor and sensitivity, Philippe Katerine delves into profound existential questions, engaging the audience in a thought-provoking exploration, through a live commentary of his own drawings.

As Philippe Eveno (guitar) enters the stage, music slowly takes over the philosophical journey. Combining reflections, improvisations and songs from Philippe Katerine’s repertoire, the “Frères Philippe” - the "Philippe Brothers", as they playfully call themselves – offer a touching performance.

ALSO: DJ set with Paulette Sauvage and the new French electro music scene!

After the show, we’re excited to welcome on stage French DJ Paulette Sauvage who’s also doing her debut in Sweden! Paulette Sauvage likes to modulate contradictions. Her set varies between hot and cold, speed and slowness. A technodeep with an unexpected groove. Music from the past meets music from the future, making us feel infinitely alive to the new sounds of French electronic music.

Doors open at 18:00.

Performance "Ce que je sais de la mort, ce que je sais de l’amour"("What I know about death, what I know about love") by Philippe Katerine and Philippe Eveno starts at 19:00, followed by a DJ-Set.

Please note: Reading performance in French with Swedish subtitles. Songs in French.

Who are the "Frères Philippe"?

Versatile and unconventional artist, Philippe Katerine is widely known and celebrated in France for his endearing persona and off-beat artistic style. His unique humor and quirky charm set him apart in the French cultural landscape and he quickly became an icon for all generations.

Exploring all modes of expression, Philippe Katerine initially gained fame both as an actor and a singer, earning recognition through prestigious French awards such as the César Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2019 and Victoires de la Musique Award in 2020. With more than 277k monthly listeners on Spotify and 44 million views on YouTube, Philippe Katerine is well-established artist on the French musical scene. Philippe Katerine is also an accomplished visual artist, who presented several major exhibitions in France and now abroad, in Sweden and Canada.

Together with Philippe Eveno, they form a duo called the "Frères Philippe" (the "Philippe Brothers"). Author, composer, and guitarist, Philippe Eveno notably composes for Philippe Katerine and also writes for young audiences.

Age limit: 20 years (18 with pre-purchase) / Åldersgräns: 20 år (18 år med förköp).


Don't miss out on the exhibition: "Philippe Katerine’s Mignonisme, One Month in Stockholm!" Stadsgårdsterminalen / April 24 – May 19, 2024

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