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Starter 23 aug 19:00

Arrangør: Monument

Monument proudly presents Greenleaf & Grand Selmer on Friday, August 23rd!

No one knows for sure what will happen when these two reverberant act's come together - but we're guessing there will be fuzz. Riffs. And a hell of a good time!

GREENLEAF: Greenleaf became a proper band after more than a decade as a loose collective of friends making 70s-inspired hard rock and proto-metal.  Led by guitarist Tommi Holappa, co-founder of European desert rock originators Dozer, various configurations of Greenleaf with personnel from Lowrider, Truckfighters, Demon Cleaner and Dozer came and went during those early years.  But after five records and twice as many cast members rotating in and out, Tommi began to feel Greenleaf could be something more.

Today Greenleaf are widely recognized as a dominating live act and one of the most prolific and obsessively listenable outfits to emerge from the European heavy underground.  And now, ten years since the release of the landmark Trails & Passes album, Greenleaf return with The Head & The Habit, a record energized by awareness of their past triumphs and crafted with the maturity of a band who knows how to rock stronger, harder and better than ever before.

GRAND SELMER: Last spring they played their first gig in 9 years. Now it's finally time again and word around town says they sound better than ever! On August 23rd, Gothenburg's best underground rockband will enter the main stage at Monument to show you all how it's done!

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