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Starts 16 May 17:00

Organizer: Limited of Sweden

It is not possible to buy tickets for this event. The event has been closed for sale by the organizer.

Step into the enchanting backdrop of neutral Gothenburg during World War II - a harbor city pulsating with international tension and secret intrigues. With its strategic location on the west coast and proximity to the occupied neighboring countries Denmark and Norway, the city becomes a magnet for spies from both sides of the conflict. Officially, Gothenburg welcomes ambassadors from both the Axis powers and the Allies, where prisoners of war are exchanged in the harbor under vigilant eyes. But beneath the calm surface, a secret war of information is fought, where spies and agents engage in a dangerous tango amidst the city's charming scenery. In the shadow of war, German agents gather to celebrate their initial victories at Hotel Eggers, while British eyes observe them from hidden corners. But in this game of espionage and secret alliances, Gothenburg itself is the chessboard - and every move is crucial to the outcome of the war.

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