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Starts 17 Sep 19:00

Organizer: Skellefteå RTF

What is actually going on in the wardrobe during an ongoing performance? A show of its own! There is a talkative wardrobe man who passes the time by sewing on loose buttons in submitted jackets and answering forgotten mobile phones. In the closet, it turns out, hangs a whole crowd of culture bearers, who now come to life.

After ten years with the celebrated performance "The Prompter", Andreas T Olsson now comes with a new performance in the same melancholic spirit. Here we meet a string of sad existences: the invisible extra, the zealous autograph hunter, the doctor in the salon, the museum guard who falls in love with a painting, the actor who plays a bear at Skansen. And many more.

Performance duration: 1 hour 40 min Organizer: Skellefteå Riksteaterförening

Performances by Av och med: Andreas T Olsson

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