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Starts 30 Jun 13:00

Organizer: Limited of Sweden

It is not possible to buy tickets for this event. The event has been closed for sale by the organizer.

Welcome to the thrilling adventure towards a new beginning! In the mid-1800s, Sweden was marked by poverty and oppression, but on the horizon an opportunity for wealth and freedom shone in America. Gothenburg, the heart of westward migration, became the hub where dreams of a better life took shape. On Sillgatan (today's Postgatan), the brave and adventurous gathered. Despite the street's darker sides with simpler accommodations and temptations in the form of taverns, it was also a place where dreams were born. But be cautious! Behind every corner lurked both genuine opportunities and swindlers seeking to take advantage of the inexperienced. We are ready to guide you through this journey with security and support. Together, we will navigate past obstacles and create a future full of possibilities. Forget the risks of Sillgatan - with us, your journey to America is secure, and your dream of a new life will become reality.

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