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Turbojugend Swe 25: Death By Unga Bunga + Support

Saturday, May 25, 2024
Monument in Göteborg

Starts 25 May 19:00

Organizer: Monument

It is not possible to buy tickets for this event. The event has already taken place.

Time flies when you’re having fun in denim. Turbojugend Sweden celebrates 25 years with a big party and live shows in the port town of Gothenburg during a weekend in May. Come join us Sailors and Sailorettes!

DEATH BY UNGA BUNGA (NO) For 15 years, Norway's Death By Unga Bunga has supplied their own blend of punk rock, power pop, and wavy psychedelia. The band has made it their mission to give fans songs with irresistible hooks, a sense of humor, and guitar licks for days. The five rockers from Moss, Norway, known for exceptional crowd control, impeccable guitar skills and flawless music released the impeccable album Heavy Male Insecurity in 2021 and recently released their new hard-hitting single Camouflage.

SCUMBAG MILLIONAIRE High energy action punk, straight out of the gutters of Gothenburg, Sweden! Originally inspired by bands like The Hellacopters and Turbonegro, Scumbag Millionaire started out as an extension of the classic Scandirock scene. Nowadays, they can be seen sharing stages with bands like Zeke, Hardcore Superstar and The Good, The Bad & The Zugly. Scumbag Millionaire continues to live by the philosophy: One gear, full speed, go.

THE BOATSMEN The Boatsmen is a four piece punkrock 'n' roll explosion from Örebro, Sweden. Dressed up in black leather and drenched in beer they are here to save everybody from boredom with screaming guitars, frantic drums and songs about all the good things in life, pizza, beer and making love.

UPPLOPPET Upploppet is the band from Gothenburg that warms up with a marathon to set the pace before each gig. Soon the quintet will release their debut album, but they have already created a reputation for being the live band that other acts don't dare to have as a band. Like a V8 full of rocket fuel, Upploppet needs no starting distance when the curtain falls to deliver explosive riffs and fast rock'n'roll!

Performances by Death By Unga Bunga, Scumbag Millionaire, The Boatsmen, Upploppet

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