Gå til indhold

This city tour gives you a guide to tell you about the history of Gothenburg aswell as live actors to SHOW you some of the events that took place. It's all done with a touch of comedy and the audience gets a very entertaining experince aswell as some very interesting information of course.

The journey through time goes from the birth of the city at 1621 to early 1900 and makes a total of 5 stops in different time periods.

So take the chance to meet some of the people that lived in the city throughout history.

The tour does not require you to walk very long distances, it's all done within the old city walls, gothenburg used to be alot smaller back in the days.

(Its possible to bring a wheelchair.)

To see a list of all the dates and times click the buy tickets button and make sure you buy tickets for a show in the correct language for you.

The tours are run in both english and swedish!

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