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Entrance opens 14 Jun 17:30
Starts 14 Jun 18:00

Organizer: Wallmans København

It is not possible to buy tickets for this event. The event has already taken place.

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  2. Are any or all in your party below 18 years old? Press "Show more"
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  1. We might be able to accommodate you and your party even if the desired category or day is sold out online. Send an email to to find out more. You may also be placed on a waiting list.
  2. A party can not only consist of people in the category "young people". At least one person in the party must be 18 years old. Read more about young people and discounts - click here..
  3. Gift cards purchased at Wallmans in the Circus Building or in the webshop can be used online. All other types of gift cards can be used by contacting Customer Care. See opening hours – click here.
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