No regrets present - PLEASUREKRAFT l 23.08.19




WHAT IS PLEASUREKRAFT? A musical vision attempting to encapsulate the power & beauty of the Cosmos in full Techno regalia. Meanwhile, underneath this musical garb pulses a heart that yearns toward a greater understanding of the Cosmos and our humble place within it. Unapologetically creating a space within the genre reserved for music that is not only danceable, but thematically inclined toward a higher consciousness. This is #CosmicTechno. This is Pleasurekraft.


Roshan, @roshanofc, is a dj duo and club collective from Gothenburg, founded in 2016. They have ever since strived to establish themselves at the forefront of modern techno - playing at venues varying from clubs to underground and house parties.

Their ability to mesmerize the floor lies in their creative selection from the many diverse sub-genres of techno. Always on the pursuit to find new tracks and puzzling them together to create dark hypnotic atmospheres.

Roshan means Light in Persian and refers to their ambition of leading the crowd through the darkness. Roshan is also the evil dragon in DoTa.


One of the people behind Magazin and the new concept No Regrets - where they premiered at Brewhouse with Ellen Allien. Sonic has recently appeared in almost every second DJ booth in the city and gilded floor after floor with his heavy bass aisles. When the technon gets started it's dirty Berlin vibes and whipping hihats!


We have only one purpose on this earth and that's to fill your souls with the joy of happiness. How we do it is no secret, we bring together humble, loving people with the worlds greatest leaders, DJs. Be a part of the journey
- no regrets.


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