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Startar 04 maj 18:00

Arrangör: Debaser

Kevin Gibbard and Sophie Landers produce a dark psych, contemporary form of gothic post-punk under the name Black Doldrums. Their songs contain hook and lead tribal drums and euphoric guitar textures that frame lyrics about purpose and introspection. The duo have been building up a devout following since their self released ep on a limited number of cassettes ‘Exit City Lights’ before their first official signing to independent shoegaze label Club AC30 in 2018, releasing two sold out vinyl ep’s in 2018 and 2019, ‘Sad Paradise’ and She ‘Divine’. In 2020, Black Doldrums collaborated with electronic duo ‘TVL’s Jared Artaud, producing their debut album with grammy award winner Ted Young. In early 2021 Black Doldrums recruited Matthew Holt on bass guitar. In March the same year, Black Doldrums signed to psych/post-punk giant Fuzz Club Records who released the band’s debut album ‘Dead Awake’ on 11th March 2022.

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