A sanctuary for experimental minds and bodies in motion.

There’s a common misconception that the reactionary forces now sweeping Europe and Sweden don’t really care about culture. On the contrary, art, music, literature and the performing arts have historically always been of great importance to authoritarian movements. These expressions of human imagination and curiosity must be tamed and transformed into something wholesome and useful. Cost-efficient and inoffensive, at the very least.

Yeah, we’re not really any of that. And for that very reason, we’ll keep doing this festival in in Malmö for as long as we’re physically able. The effects of gentrification and cultural conformity have struck this city like a plague. But there are still breeding grounds for creativity and artistic dreams. Safe havens for freaks and eccentrics. And once a year we roll out Intonal for their sake. For our sake. An example of what still can be achieved in this city if you don’t listen to sense.

Join us and tell your grandkids what we did together. There’s a good chance they wont believe you.

So. What are we going to do about the state of things? Well, we’re going to stick to our guns. Defiantly trying to expose our city to novel voices and expressions. ”I didn’t know what to expect at all, but I f#cking loved it!”, is the best review Intonal ever got. And we get that every year, in some version or another.

The first drop includes a few champions of percussion. Perhaps most notably Japanese legend Midori Takada, but we’d like to include London’s TSVI in that category as well, although his approach is altogether different. There’s also champions of the deep, like goosebumps-inducing composer Kajsa Lindgren and the lord of broken tape machines, Ian William Craig. And of course we have the dance floor covered, from multiform masters like OKO DJ to hardcore firestarters like Nkisi.

This first drop is far from a complete line-up, though. Oh no, we’re saving some of the brightest gems for later. But it’s a damn good start, if we may say so ourselves.

Midori Takada Sebastian Mullaert and Subchamber Ensmble SØS Gunver Ryberg John T. Gast Ian William Craig Tomaga Selvhenter Oli XL TSVI Nkisi Vanessa Amara OKO DJ Kajsa Lindgren + many many more

INFO 18 years old for all events (except free events) Artists, hours and schedule will be announced on our website www.intonalfestival.com

Please note that the concert with Sebastian Mullaert and Subchamber Ensmble at Malmö Live is not included in the ticket, but can be bought to a reduced price of 100 SEK. https://malmolive.se/program/sebastian-mullaert-subchamber-ensemble-natthall)

Framträdanden av Midori Takada, Sebastian Mullaert and Subchamber Ensmble, SØS Gunver Ryberg, John T. Gast, Ian William Craig, Tomaga, Selvhenter, Oli XL, TSVI, Nkisi, Vanessa Amara, OKO DJ, Kajsa Lindgren, + many many more, The full line up for the festival will be released on March 17th.
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