The Sono Unica expedition into minimalistic house returns to Kvarteret for another adventure. This reawakening brings back an old friend, a favorite, a phonic connoisseur - presenting Sepp.

▼ Sepp (Uvar) Constanța based DJ and producer - Sepp - has been captivating audiences in the enigmatic experimental techno scene throughout his extensive tours the past few years. While finalizing and releasing his first album on UVAR, the label he manages with fellow colleague Nu Zau, he also started out his own project - Catren - a lyrical inspired platform that aspires to a more organic and subtle sound than what we have come to know and love about him.

Always moving to delight and surprise with his flair and precision mixing, Sepp certainly is a name you will come to appreciate - as a producer, and dancefloor conductor.

▷ Listen:

▼ Alexandro (Sono Unica) An immersed and sonorous liaison with depths of harmonies started at an early age for the more expressive half of the Sono Unica duo Albol: Alexandro. He has developed a very rare sound behind the melodic blender during the years. Galvanized by the Romanian scene we can expect nothing less than sleek melodic grooves with Alexandro behind the decks at the start of this night.

▷ Listen:

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