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Stockholm Punk Rock Weekend 2018 - a weekend in Stockholm packed with punk rock.

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► 999 [UK]
One of Britain's best loved punk rock bands delivering pure pop punk classics with frenzy and raw energy. Beeing one of the longest-lived groups of the punk era, 999 are here to stay.
999 formed in London late 1976 and has so far completed some 15 U.S. tours, more than 100 London gigs, around 40 UK tours and more than 25 European tours, plus gigs in Japan and Brazil. In September they will be visiting Stockholm.

Spotify: open.spotifycom/artist/14IKysoZ0qyGRsIiTk1Ase
Facebook: www.facebook.com/999Music/

► U.K. SUBS [UK]
Among the earliest bands in the first wave of British punk, U.K. Subs have been around since 1976. They continue to entertain and amaze with their powerful live shows. Still touring worldwide, they maintain that true spirit of punk rock continuing to inspire each subsequent generation of fans. Like a vintage wine – the U.K. Subs just get better and better.

Spotify: open.spotifycom/artist/4wsg78KGu80m8Xk37PY2uG
Facebook: www.facebook.com/UKSubs/

Raging street-punk combo from France with a touch of classic rock'nroll for all the outcasts.
To feel what they are 100 precent, you have to see them play live - and you have the chance!

Spotify: open.spotifycom/artist/7JVEe7dW62EeMOrMwmwG68
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lionslawparis/

A three piece punk band from Sweden, playing Bureaucratic Official Nonsens Punk - a rather delimited lo-fi genre with everyday references everyone can identify themselves with.

Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/62NIly8LESJpqXoaX1A2K5
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Tjänstem&%23228;nnen-184277421606819/

Kraken STHLM (Rökerigatan 1D)
Friday 14th & Saturday 15th of September 2018
Doors open 19:00 each day.

Agelimit: 18+

Framträdanden av 999 (uk), UK Subs (uk), Lions Law (fra), Tjänstemännen (swe)

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