STOCKHOLM PUNK ROCK WEEKEND 2018 - a weekend in Stockholm filled with punk rock.
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► 999 [UK]
One of Britain's best loved punk rock bands delivering pure pop punk classics with frenzy and raw energy. Beeing one of the longest-lived groups of the punk era, 999 are here to stay.
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► U.K. SUBS [UK]
Among the earliest bands in the first wave of British punk, U.K. SUBS have been around since 1976. They continue to entertain and amaze with their powerful live shows. Still touring worldwide, they maintain that true spirit of punk rock continuing to inspire each subsequent generation of fans. Like a vintage wine – the U.K. SUBS just get better and better.
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Among the early Gothenburg punk bands ATTENTAT is probably the most famous and memorable band. In 1978, they called themselves The Frogs for the first few months, but changed to ATTENTAT, which better reflected a band that played angry punk in Swedish.
The gig at Stockholm Punk Rock Weekend is part of ATTENTAT's 40th anniversary tour. They are focusing on early material, so be prepared for a massiv sing-a-long party with "Ge fan i mig", ”En meningslös dag” och "Fågel".
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Amsterdam's VITAMIN X are one of the leading and most popular hardcore punk thrash rock'n'roll bands, releasing a new album on 18 May 2018. If anything, this band is known for their amazing energetic and over the top entertaining live shows.
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Raging street-punk combo from France with a touch of classic rock'nroll for all the outcasts. To feel what LION'S LAW are 100 percent, you have to see them play live - and now you have the chance!
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A proper uptempo and high-energy ska band that has been making people dance and smile for over 20 years. Their upbeat and quick 2-Tone songs creates unity everywhere, and has taken them to many places including the German "This Is Ska Festival" and the legendary Rebellion festival in the UK.
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Catchy rythmic uptempo punk rock with sharp lyrics mixing humor and politics. Swedish punk band from Stockholm, Sweden, formed in 1978 - now more hungry and meaner than ever. Turn up the volume, press "play" and enjoy!
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Fast, soaked in sweat and melodic punk rock that grabs your private parts and takes you to singalong heaven. The street perspective GATANS LAG presents is just around the corner, in the pub and at the football arena. It's harsh and painfull, but at the same time warm and uniting.
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Equal parts sweat, furious guitars and pumping energy thrown straight into the air - that's the sound and feel of KNIFVEN.
Live is KNIFVEN a fast, skew and intense explosion. A warm and cordial experience that adheres to the retina and remains in memory.
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Playing punk rock they grew up with, 1977 is the magic year and CAT AND THE UNDERDOGS are proud of bringing that fine tradition of Punk Rock'n'Roll into the future.
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A three piece punk band from Sweden, playing Bureaucratic Official Nonsens Punk - a rather delimited lo-fi genre with everyday references everyone can identify themselves with.
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Framträdanden av 999 (uk), UK Subs (uk), Attentat (swe), The Liptones (swe), Bitch Boys (swe), Lions Law (fra), Gatan Lag (swe), Vitamin X (nl), Knifven (swe), Cat And The Underdogs (swe), Tjänstemännen (swe)

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