Vilken tur vi har! Kurt Baker Combo kommer tillbaka till Folk Å Rock för sin enda Sverige-spelning på denna turné. Söndag den 13:e januari Öppnar 19, På scen 20. Fysiska biljetter hos Folk å Rock, Musik & Konst och Skivesset. Rockklubb, Bar & Restaurang. Välkomna ner till klubben!

Galet bra och energifylld party Powerpop, Pub- & Garage-Rock'n'Roll utlovas utan reservationer. Tänk er en mix av This Year's Model med Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Jesus of Cool med Nick Lowe, Life On the Line med Eddie & The Hot Rods och Paul Collins Beat debut-LP! För bevis kolla Kurt Bakers sanslösa officiella Youtube-videos!

After many years playing up and down, coast to coast, over the pond and beyond with his group The Leftovers, and solo group The Kurt Baker Band, Rock'n'Roller Powerpop musician
Kurt Baker decided he needed a new change of scenery and packed his bags in 2013 for the city of Madrid, Spain.

Hence, the Kurt Baker Combo was formed, a new group consisting of Juancho Lopez on bass guitar (Paul Collins Beat, Peralta, The Crepitos), Jorge Colldan (Holy Sheep, The Flash, Señor No) on guitar and backing vocals, and Sam Malakiam on drums (Alrighters, Los Platillos Volantes). While continuing in the tradition of the Powerpop-sound Baker has been known for, the Combo also brings in elements of Pub Rock, Garage and no holds bar wild Rock'n'Roll a la The MC5, The Remains, Eddie & The Hot Rods and Redd Kross.

The group presented their first full length in 2015, a live album titled “Muy Mola Live”, recorded during a wild Monday night concert in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The energy and the
hooks of Baker’s setlist regulars like “Don’t Go Falling In Love”, and “Everybody Knows” are pushed into the red, as well as offering new songs like the rollicking “Aorta Baby”, and the mersey beat throwback of “Tried and True”.

Their first studio full length album, titled “In Orbit”, features 10 songs of catchy and irresistible rock n’ roll and was released on Little Steven Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records in the fall of 2016.
In May 2018 the band released their second album “Lets go wild” on Wicked Cool.

Stay tuned for much more music, concerts and fun from the Kurt Baker Combo.

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