Live Sessions: Pnkslm Label Night, WITCH(Zambia), HOLY, Therése Lithner

Pnkslm Recordings are taking over Trädgården once again and this time with help from Zamrock legends WITCH!


Therese Lithner


Sibille Attar & Luke Reilly
Elin Vinnå & Samuel Hahn


In the 1970's Emmanuel Jagari and his band WITCH recorded Zambias first commercial LP and were famous for their electrifying, extended live sessions, often lasting as long as six-hours.

Their onstage antics and psychedelic groove made them on of the biggest bands of the Zamrock world, but after touring most of Southern Africa for five years, regional conflict and other problems put an end to the Zamrock scene.

As the only surviving original member Jagari reformed WITCH in 2016 and some of the new member include Jacco Gardner, Jay Whitefield, Patrick Mwondela, Stefan Lilov and Nic Mauskoviç.


HOLY is the project of Swedish musician Hannes Ferm, originally from Umeå in the north of Sweden but currently based in the capital of Stockholm. HOLY made his debut in the fall of 2014 with the debut EP Silver of Your Heart which quickly received praise internationally from the likes of Stereogum, and the EP was soon followed by the debut album Stabs in March 2015.

Since early 2016 Hannes Ferm has been holed up in Studio Cobra in Stockholm, recording what is set to become his long-awaited second LP. Moving far beyond the confines of garage rock, his new recordings showcase a more expansive sound, bringing to mind the likes of The Flaming Lips and classic acts such as David Bowie and Todd Rundgren.

Therese Lithner

With a past in bands like Vaken & My Sound Of Silence, Therese Lithner was a big part of Umeås music scene in the early 2010s.
During an evening spent alone in her rehearsal space a solo project slowly started growing, seemingly out of nowhere.

Inspired by her idols of the 90s and reverb she wrote new songs and the idea of a musical project of her own started growing.
After moving to Stockholm she started to rehearse and record the songs with drummer Andreas Sandberg(Magic Potion)and
the result can be heard on her debut EP that was released on Lazy Octopus on the 19th of June.

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