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The Southside Cavern (Southside Pub) Söndag 23 februari Baren öppnar: 13:00 The Southside Cavern öppnar: 19.00 Konsert: 20.00 Åldersgräns: 20år Förköp: 80 SEK Entré i dörren: 100 SEK (kort, swish eller cash)

För den törstige kan vi rekommendera eventölen Praga (den står inte med på menyn) Äta innan konserten? Boka bord på 08-669 50 52

FAARAO PIRTTIKANGAS & NUBIALAISET (FI) Faarao Pirttikangas got nominated “Blues Artist Of The Year 2018” by the Finnish Blues Awards Association.

The texts (by Pirttikangas) are in Finnish, and tell stories from forgotten traditions and myths, from snake oil dealers to faith healers, from sound alchemists to moonshine brainfry, and the occasional sauna habits.

The music (by the band) seamlessly arranges its fenno-balkan roots with afro-american elements.

Since starting in 2009 the band has played stages ranging from fancy concert halls to skronky punksquats in Finland, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Czech Rep, and won't quit. Both CJBM and Faarao are widely appreciated by blues and roots diggers, both in Finland, as well as internationally. With their effortless combination of influences from Sun Ra to Captain Beefheart, from rai to boogie, from klez to zydeco, ans fenno-american spirituals to barnyard stompin' madness, this is a must - see liveband!


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