Portland's rising heavy metal/goth rock upstarts Idle Hands have quickly returned with a new single, "Give Me To The Night," off their debut album Mana, due out May 10 via Eisenwald.

The band's first EP, Don't Waste Your Time, was a breath of fresh air as these former Spellcaster dudes are helmed by bassist-turned-guitarist Gabriel Franco, whose baritone vocals give the band its gothic, and sometimes occult, sensation.

Last year, we said you would be hearing a lot about Idle Hands in the future, and "Give Me To The Night" further solidifies that opinion. Talk about right place at the right time.

Dark, introspective and emotive, the Portland quartet is musically similar to bands like Tribulation, In Solitude and Ghost, but vocally–and aesthetically–the foursome belong in the category of The Cure, Killing Joke and The Sisters of Mercy.

The band's self-released EP through Lone Fir Records was killer enough to be named "the best debut of 2018" by Banger TV, the creators of the respective VH1 Classic and Netflix docu-series Metal Evolution and Hip-Hop Evolution.

Idle Hands recently wrapped up a short West Coast tour with Haunt and Hellfire, and is currently on tour in Europe with Gaahl's Wyrd, Tribulation and Uada.


In the mysterious vast lands of Scandinavia, where ancient monuments of stone erecting towards the sun, dark and heavy rock quintet Nocturnalia resides. With thunderous and organic sounds of classic rock, ritualistic drum patterns and sinister yet beautiful storytelling they create a hypnotizing blend of music and impressions characterized by epic soundscapes and sublime winding melodies.

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