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58 meter upp med Joey Henry's Dirty Sunshine Club & Kody Skye (US)

Årets allra mest mysiga, intima och exklusiva musik-upplevelse under bar himmel på Svampens magiska skybar! I 3 år har Svampens kört artister ute på sin fantastiska skybar och vilken succé det har varit. Alla konserter har varit slutsålda på nolltid.

Information om Joey Henry's Dirty Sunshine Club & Kody Skye (US):

Joey Henry's Dirty Sunshine Club Is this still music? One thing is for sure: Joey Henry defies labels. And the Dirty Sunshine Club is photography, pinball machine philosophy, skateboard existentialism, ripped pages from a Kansas diary, and street corner storytelling as much as it is music. Joey himself dubs it simply group therapy. So if anyone still plans to come mainly for the music, the guy can play a tune or two. Or a whole bunch. And he'll tickle unique, reverb-loaded yet rhythmic sound scapes out of his Banjo, his Ukulele, and his guitar that will simply give you the goosebumps.

Kody Skye Kody Skye gained a nearly mystical status among fans of the Muddy Roots festival. Both as songwriter and bass wildman of the Calamity Cubes. Every year the band is one of the major highlights of the cult festival. What very few know: He impresses solo as well. While he is responsible for the fast, loud and wild bass action with the Cubes, his solo sets take a different route. The silent notes dominate. Some claim he isn’t singing songs. But performs true poetry.

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