Asere Q'Bola? It is time to make magic again!

Welcome to the Finest Cuban Dance Festival! We are a family that unites with the best Cuban Flavour!

Alocubano is a place where all dancers feel like home. Mi casa es tu casa. No matter the dance style or origin. We are love and we spread love! We focus on celebrating the culture & creating unforgettable memories.

We have promised you the bomb and here it comes! Extreme Cuban Artists. Top Mambo & Bachata Artists. Let's create together a Magnificent Family!

Qué volao! Estamos cocinando una cosa buena.

CUBAN ✔Seo Fernandez & Eneris Mulgado ✔Andy & Yuliet ✔Yoyo Flow ✔Barbara Jimenez ✔Danger & Yunaisy ✔Pedrito & Giusy ✔Adonis Santiago ✔Addy Mendoza ✔Leyanet Bell ✔Keke el Peluche

MAMBO ✔Rodrigo & Asya ✔Alicia Velasco

BACHATA ✔Abdel & Lety ✔Sergio & Ana

DJs ✔DJ Javier La Rosa - Cuban ✔DJ Flecha - Cuban ✔DJ York - Bachata ✔DJ Mauri - Mambo

PHOTO & VIDEO ✔Piqant Photography

AND MORE IS COMING! La Familia Alocubano

Framträdanden av Seo Fernandez & & Eneris Mulgado, Andy & Yuliet, Yoyo Flow, Barbara Jimenez, Danger & Yunaisy, Pedrito & Giusy, Adonis Santiago, Addy Mendoza, Leyanet Bell, Keke el Peluche, Rodrigo & Asya, Alicia Velasco, Abdel & Lety, Sergio & Ana, DJ Javier La Rosa, DJ Flecha, DJ York, DJ Mauri, Piqant Photography