For the first time in Finland, this unique opportunity is now given to horse enthusiast, when Tobbe Larsson and his horses hold a "Masterclass / Workshop". A lot of knowledge and tips will be revealed, so that you can practice at home with your horse or pony. The appearance of Tobbe and his liberty horses. Tobbe shows and explains how he practices and provides clear examples of how to improve his relationship with his own horse or pony.Tobbe wears a head-set and shows and explains while he is training. Simply communicating with horses, a great experience, whether you are a horse person or just want to enjoy the interaction of people and horses. Being able to "read" and understand his horses or ponies creates an environment that is safe and secure. Tobbe shares his training tips freely! The goal of this "Masterclass - Workshop" is to inspire and create the desire or confidence to go home and train with their own horse or pony. Utilizing all the great exercises and tips they will received during this "Masterclass / Workshop". The audience will be able to ask Tobbe questions. A Masterclass - Workshop that really shows that exercise should be fun and have good energy.

Following the performance, a signing and sale of merchandise takes place. Individuals have the opportunity to take photos with Tobbe. Välkommen till Masterclass / Workshop med Tobbe Larsson och hans hästar. För första gången i Finland ges nu detta unika tillfälle att lyssna och lära, när Tobbe Larsson och hans hästar håller "Masterclass / Workshop”. Mycket kunskap som du sedan kan träna med din häst eller ponny hemma. Framträdandet med Tobbe och hans frihetshästar.

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