Startar 22 feb 19:00

Arrangör: Sofiehof Underjord

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OBS! ENLIGT RÅDANDE RESTRIKTIONER SKALL VACCINBEVIS UPPVISAS I ENTRÉN FÖR DETTA EVENEMANG. The Hush Hush Club presenterar två spännande akter från Nya Zeeland! Purple Pilgrims (Nya Zeeland) och Sarah Kinlaw (USA). Dörrar 19:00. 18år+

Psychic sisterhood and wistful wanderlust are the twin energies feeding lush ceremonial dream-pop duo Clementine Valentine (Purple Pilgrims) – AKA multi-instrumentalist, home producers Valentine and Clementine Nixon. Raised itinerantly in Hong Kong and on New Zealand’s South Island, with deep backgrounds in folk music (their great-grandfather Davie Stewart was recorded by Alan Lomax), the sisters adapted by devising their own telepathic inner worlds. After the Christchurch earthquake of 2011 leveled their home they migrated to the North Island, crashing with friends and sleeping in cars, eventually returning to China, where they began performing crouched sets of gauzy, angelic noise.

Kinlaw is a composer, choreographer, and artist focusing on empathic potential and agency developed by performance through audio, dance, and sculptural installation. Known for solo works and productions with as many as two-hundred performers, she studies themes of power, memory, trauma, and connection. Her performances have been featured in institutions like MoMA and MoMA PS1, Pioneer Works, Mana Contemporary, National Sawdust, and Knockdown Center. Kinlaw is releasing her first solo record in Fall 2020 with Bayonet Records.

Framträdanden av Purple Pilgrims, Sarah Kinlaw

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