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Startar 17 mar 20:00

Arrangör: Moriska Paviljongen

Elito Revé & su Charangón + Efterfest in Malmö-Sweden

17 mars 2023 på Moriska Pavilkongen

Age limit: 18 År

Arrangör: YSLA prod. & Casa de La Timba

Insläpp: 20.00 konserten startar 22.00 efterfest 00.00-03.00

Förköp 420kr Dörren 470kr Efterfest 150kr ( 00.00-03.00) Elito Revé & su Charangón

Founded in 1956 by maestro Elio Revé Matos, an important figure of Cuban music, Elio Revé and his Charangón has been for many years, one of the most prestigious musical groups in Cuba and other parts of the world.

Its creator, born in Guantanamo on June 23, 1930 and faithful exponent of the best values of Cuban music, was listed as "Father of the Changüí" for the contributions he made to this genre in addition to being one of it’s greatest defenders.

After Elio Revé Matos passing away in 1997, his son Elito Revé continued his fathers legacy and became the band leader of the powerful “Charangón”.

The band has a broad award winning discography with “Evolution 6.5” as the latest one realeased in 2022.

Elito Revé & su Charangón ‘s concerts are known for being upbeat, energetic and filled with authentic cuban vibes.

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