• GLOOMY DAYS 2019 - Swedens heaviest independent doom, stoner rock & sludge festival based in the city of Linköping.

*Dates: 27th & 28th of September *Venue: The Crypt - Linköping, SE *Tickets: Available through Tickster.com

On stage:

CONAN (uk) https://www.facebook.com/hailconan/

One of the heaviest and most violent bands to exist. Conan is well-known for their unique hard sound and their feeling for heavy melodies. We are extreme proud to be able to deliver the kings of modern sludge/doom at our first edition of Gloomy Days!

BELZEBONG (pl) https://www.facebook.com/belzebong420/

The atmosphere that Belzebong creates with their instrumental doom is a one-of-a-kind and made them one of the most talked about names in the genre. Heavy riff after heavy riff and we couldn`t be more prouder to have them for an exclusive show at the fest.

ALASTOR (se) https://www.facebook.com/alastordoom/

A dark force that shatters a landscape of heavy sounds and emotions. Beautiful and destructive music. It`s a privilege to witness this masterpiece live.

DOMKRAFT (se) https://www.facebook.com/domkraftband/

With their latest release "Flood" this band grab us by the heart and made sure that we would never forget about them. This is powerful and intense heaviness! A masterpiece creation!

DUN RINGILL (se) https://www.facebook.com/DunRingillSwe/

A dark and doomy creation from some of the most well-known names in swedish doom. Their debut "Welcome" delivers some of the heaviest sounds in the genre combined with traditional folk music and rock.

HOLY LIFE (fi) https://www.facebook.com/holylife918/

Once again these finnish heavyweights are back in Sweden to deliver some high-quality metal/stoner-sounds. This summer their third release "B.L.D" will be released through Superlord Recordings and the bands appearance at the fest will be the releaseshow for the record here in Sweden.

IRON LAMB (se) https://www.facebook.com/ironlambofficial/

Dirty, fuel-filled heavy rock in the true veins of Motörhead and GG Allin. One of this country best hidden secrets. Expect explosive rock with an attitude full of shame and hate. The perfect soundtrack for a night filled with booze and fights!

RAVAGE RITUAL (fi) https://www.facebook.com/ravageritual/

Finlands own answer to legends like Integrity and Napalm Death. Combining brutal hardcore with fast, demonic speed give them a style that they`ve mastered as their own. We are extremely excited to witness this live.

NEGATIVE SLUG (cro) https://www.facebook.com/negativeslug/

One of the most violent acts coming out of Europe. These croatians brings the aggressive, stinking style of Eyehategod together with a the heaviness of Conan and the speed of Birdflesh. This will be the bands debut on swedish soil. And if thats not all the band will be releasing their brand new 7", through Superlord Recordings, at the fest!

SNAILKING (se) https://www.facebook.com/SnailkingSWE/

This swedish three-piece brings on their A-game with intense doom metal. Absolutely stunning and breathe-taking heaviness and groove. Their spawn "Storm" is on heavy rotation in our office...

SIBERIAN (se) https://www.facebook.com/thebandsiberian/

The city of Linköping has always delivered high quality bands over the years and now the city have produced one of the most interesting acts in the metallic hardcore/sludge-scene, Siberian. With the amazing releases out the band have got a fuzz about them that is well-deserved. Make sure to be at the venue in time to see them open up the whole fest on the Friday.

Framträdanden av Conan (uk), Belzebong (pl), Dun Ringill, Domkraft, Alastor, Holy Life (fi), Iron Lamb, Ravage Ritual (fi), Negative Slug (cro), Snailking, Siberian

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