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Bild för Maria W Horn & Mats Erlandsson + Amina Hocine (#2), 2022-11-25, Lyssningsrum

Maria W Horn & Mats Erlandsson + Amina Hocine (#2)

Fredag den 25 november 2022
Lyssningsrum i Stockholm

Entrén öppnar 25 nov 20:30
Startar 25 nov 21:00

Arrangör: John Chantler

Det är inte möjligt att köpa biljetter till detta evenemang. Evenemanget har redan ägt rum.

Two Rooms for Listening #3— LATE SHOW Lyssningsrum, Skeppsholmen — Maria W. Horn & Mats Erlandsson Maria W Horn and Mats Erlandsson present HIMLAGLÖD (commissioned by INA GRM) and other works. In October 2019 Maria W Horn and Mats Erlandsson traveled to Vardö¸, a municipality in Finnmark county in the northeastern part of Norway, close to the Russian border. They used field recording as a way of processing their sliver of time in the area as it unfolded to them. A hailstorm heard through the window of an emptied bowling hall, the sound of walking through pieces of shattered rock inside an abandoned bunker, the ever-burning gas-lit fire of a memorial monument commemorating the victims of witchcraft trials in 1621. All the recordings show recurring interference patterns in the recordings themselves likely caused by the presence of the radar station present on the island. The processed field recordings form a synthetic ever-changing room that still remains the same. These sonic imprints with all of their particular characteristics, heard through the ears of two transient visitors, served as an aural setting in which the synthesized parts of the piece could manifest as the pair immersed themselves in modular synthesizers at the GRM in August 2021. The work done at the GRM focused on developing a shared tonal language based on near-stable harmonic timbres drawn up by a combination of the analog instruments at the studio and digital algorithmic techniques for sound generation.

Maria W Horn

Maria W Horn’s work uses synthetic sound, electroacoustic and acoustic instruments and audiovisual components, often devicing generative and algorithmic processes to control timbre, tuning and texture. She employs a varied instrumentation ranging from analog synthesizers to choir, string instruments, pipe organ and various chamber music formats. Acoustic instruments are often paired with digital synthesis techniques, in order to extend the instruments timbral capacities. Often based on minimalist structures, her music explores the inherent spectral properties of sound and their ability to transcend time and space, reality and dream. https://mariahorn.se

Mats Erlandsson

As a composer, musician and sound artist, Mats Erlandsson is part of the vibrantly reemerging field of drone music in Stockholm, Sweden, and is associated with practices characterized by the extensive use of sustained sound.


Amina Hocine

Amina Hocine (b. 1991 Gothenburg) is a composer currently pursuing her masters in electro acoustic composition at the royal college of music in Stockholm. She will close out this series with a performance using her foghorn organ, a DIY assemblage of pipes and compressed air apparatus.

— Two Rooms for Listening is a series of three concerts organised by The Edition Festival for Other Music in collaboration with Kungliga Konst Högskolan and support from Kulturrådet.

Framträdanden av Maria W Horn & Mats Erlandsson, Amine Hocine

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