Spring Inspiration is Scandinavia´s largest fashion show that is organized and hosted by 23 talented and driven students of Jönköping university. The fashion show is an annual event, and this year we are celebrating the 22nd edition. Together with various stores and designers from all around Sweden, our aim is to deliver a fashion show, comparable to how the big brands in the world is performing.

This year we will take the event in another direction. Compared to previous years, the fashion show is going to be something special that will capture the feeling from catwalks around the world. The theme for the Spring Inspiration fashion show 2019 is “Spring Inspiration goes Fashion Week”. With the change of location to Munksjömagasinen. We will not only capture the industrial feeling of high fashion, it will also be a perfect venue for entertainment of all sorts.

To really capture the spectacular night the official After-party will be in collaboration with OPA Jönköping at Munksjömagasinen.

The show takes place the 3rd of May, be there, we will.

18- year limit!

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