Torsdag 9 april 2020 på Sofiehof Underjord

Priser: Förköp 150 kronor eller vid dörren 200 kronor OBS! Biljettsläpp fredag den 13:e december

Kvällens specialutställare: Suicide Records Currently acts as an independent record label based in Gothenburg, Sweden and Tampere, Finland.

Tider: 21:00 - Portarna öppnar 01:00 – Portarna stängs

Kvällens band: Coughdust Taking it’s influences from crushing heaviness of doom metal, downtuned groove of early stoner and sheer terror of old school death metal, these Finnish slow runners create a unique mixture of ill spirits and unnaturally heavy darkness mixed with some of the darkest 70’s flavours. This is an extremely bad trip.


Demonic Death Judge Demonic Death Judge is a four-piece Finnish sludge/doom/stoner monster. You are invited to yet another rollercoaster ride with riffs impossible to ignore! Blending the genres, creating their own identity, Demonic Death Judge is here!


VPathogen For over 20 years there’s been various incarnations of what was to become V, the first seed was planted with the EP “V-VI”, recorded in 2006 but not released until Christmas eve 2016. A delay caused by the members other obligations with bands such as Katatonia, In Mourning, Afgrund, Oak and lately Besvärjelsen etc.


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