Aref began his career in the 60’s and has not only become a hit as a singer but a movie star too. The star earned himself the name of ‘Soltaneh ghalbha’ translating to the ruler of hearts – which is the perfect title for the gentleman whose music, whether old or new has formed the best of our memories.

The legend of pop

Aref is the true legend of Persian pop. Other than starring in six movies between 1966 and 1974, which was just before the revolution, he also released soundtracks to roughly 60 movies. This incredible artist has sung over 850 songs, which have accompanied us through many generations from old and young. He has been with us through laughter’s, cries, our falling in and out of, has given us hope and many memories over the years.

Once again an the opportunity has risen to walk down memory lane with the man of the hour himself; we are honoured to announce the History World Tour is due to kick off in Munich in november 2018, with the one and only king of hearts, Aref.

The perfectly named tour

For almost 6 Decades we have lived with Aref’s Music. He has been a major part of Persian music culture and has without doubt been a major influencer. Aref’s songs are truly part of the Persian music history and we are beyond excited for this incredible tour to begin.

From the song that gave him his title ‘Sultan-e-Ghalbha’ to one of’s favourites ‘Koochooloo’, to his latest hits ‘Ki Behtar Az To’ & ‘Be To Hedyeh Mikonam’ Latter being dedicated to his fans around the world. We are sure to be thoroughly entertained throughout this tour. beelits.comeagerly await the tour and cannot wait to attend them all and share our experiences with you. We look forward to seeing you all and celebrating the legend during the ‘History World Tour’.

Arrangör: Yaran Productions Ltd
Spellängd: 2 h 30 min inkl. paus

Rad 1: 930 kr
Rad 2: 830 kr
Rad 3-6: 780 kr
Rad 7-10: 680 kr
Rad 11-17: 580 kr
Rad 18-24: 480 kr
Rad 25-27: 380 kr

Service avgift tillkommer med 39 kr per biljett.

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