PNKSLM Recordings turns five years old this year, and as usual we're throwing our biggest party of the year to celebrate. This year we're taking over both rooms at Stockholm's Kägelbanan on June 2nd. Two stages, ten bands, with special guest appearances and DJs.

The first five bands to be announced for the night are:

- Beach Skulls (Manchester, UK)
- HOLY (Stockholm)
- Sibille Attar (Stockholm)
- Spice Boys (Umeå)
- Sudakistan (Stockholm)
- Von K (Malmö)

Plus: a one-night special performance from The Fuxxxxxx, a make-shift house-band made up of members of Les Big Byrd, Sudakistan & Lucern Raze, with very special guests joining the band throughout the show.

Framträdanden av Beach Skulls, HOLY, Sibille Attar, Spice Boys, Sudakistan, Von K

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