Legendary Norwegian Disco-Jazz-avantegarde label Smalltown Supersound is turning 25 and we will celebrate with a 2 day minifestival with artists from the label.

1st day lineup:

Dungen is back at Trädgården! It has been a yearly late summer tradition for Dungen to visit us. And this year as a part of their labels birthday celebration! This is one of very few shows for Dungen this year so do not miss. We anticipate a long and dissipated show.

At the moment the band is taking a break from making music as the different members are working with other projects like, Amason, The Amazing, AOP, Goran Kajfes Subtropik Arkestra, Sophia knapp, Vårt solsystem to mention a few.

The band have released their 2 latest records on Smalltown Supersound. Allas Sak that came in 2015 and then Häxan”, with music inspired by and written for Lotte Reinigers "The adventures of Prince Ahmed". The later also became a remix album by legendary norwegian producer Prins Thomas which leads us to our next artist.

This man doesn't need a big introduction. His infamy is already beyond that. Smalltown Supersound has together with the fames of Prins Thomas, Lindstrøm and Bjorn Torske, to mention a few, become the Norwegian disco wonder that is well-known all over the world and this is partly what we is celebrate over these two days. Prins Thomas own label Full Pupp has also played a huge part in the development of the scene.

Prins Thomas is a big Dungen fan! So much that this is the third time he is coming to play after these traditional Dungen shows at Trädgården. Last years record "Häxan Versions" have become a must have for record collectors all over the world. We hope that this collaboration will not end with that.

Legend Bjørn Torske joins the lineup for this night. Bjørn Torske comes from the capital of electronic music in Norway, Tromsø, a small town far north over the artic circle. This town has bred great artists such as Mental Overdrive, Biosphere and Royksopp. Torske has released music since the early 90-ies and have through his many, talked about, releases earned a legendary status within the disco and avantgarde music scene in the world.

Many also think that Prins Thomas and Bjorn Torske makes music together all the time but the truth is that last years album release "Square One" is the first music we hear from the two together for over 20 years. The last time they tried was 20 years ago when Thomas went to Bergen to work with Bjorn. This was before the mobile phone and it took 6 days just for Thomas to get hold of Bjorn. They got a few hours in the studio and the result was not what they anticipated. Last years release though have already become a critics and audience favourite. Good things come to those who wait...

We are so much looking forward to these two sharing the dancefloor after the Dungen show.

Label owner of Smalltown Supersound Joakim Haugland will open this party with a rare DJ set. It's not often we see him behind the decks.

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