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Startar 20 okt 19:00

Arrangör: Monument

Odyssey Bookings presents


The Chicago-based post-metal act Russian Circles has since their start 2004 delivered high quality, and much beloved, psychedelic metal to the masses. With a highly anticipated album behind them the band now have their sights focused on Europe once again.

With a unique live-performance and majestic visuals the band are considered as one of a kind for their stage appearance and presence.

Support: REZN

Chicago-based cosmic and cataclysmic quartet REZN have mined the stark monochromatic depths of underground metal and fused them with the kaleidoscopic delights of psychedelia, prog rock, and shoegaze. From their inception, the band have been fiercely independent with a fully realized aesthetic and a fervent cult following. As knowledgeable gear heads, experienced sound engineers, and seasoned DIY veterans, REZN have been able to create a body of work devoid of any sonic compromises in their speaker-rattling dirges and heady lysergic forays.

Venue: Monument - Göteborg Date: 20th of October Doors: 19:00

Framträdanden av Russian Circles, REZN

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