Blues på FOLK Å ROCK tisdag 7/8 med GEORGE KILBY JR & PHIL WIGGINS! Öppnar 19, På scen 21. Fysiska biljetter hos Folk å Rock, Musik & Konst och Skivesset. Blues Bar, Café & Restaurang. Välkomna!

PHIL WIGGINS, 35 years with internationally acclaimed "Cephas and Wiggins”, and GEORGE KILBY JR, 20 years with legend PINETOP PERKINS, have played together for 7 years and have a brand new album. Wiggins honors: National Heritage Award, Carnegie Hall, and The White House. Kilby honors: Blues Album of the year w/Perkins. “Racism, Reconciliation, and the Blues” is their lecture/concert series. The new album follows this path with songs on social change, instead of recycling Blues themes.

Bio - George Kilby Jr and Phil Wiggins:
Phil Wiggins was half of the internationally acclaimed "Cephas and Wiggins" for 35 years. George Kilby Jr worked for 20 years with the legendary pianist Pinetop Perkins of Muddy Waters band. Not long after Pinetop and John Cephas passed away, Kilby and Wiggins met at a Blues festival and soon recorded Kilby’s classic You never see the hand throw the Stone. Their partnership includes countless US and European tours and festivals, songwriting collaboration, and a brand new album.

Wiggins honors include the National Heritage Fellowship Award, the highest honor awarded to Blues/Jazz/Folk musicians by the USA. He has played Carnegie Hall, Royal Albert Hall, and the White House. Kilby's honors include a WC Handy Blues Album of the year with Perkins, the Newport Jazz Festival, and others. He has 4 CDs as a solo artist

George and Phil also perform “Racism, Reconciliation, and the Blues”, which is a spoken word and live music experience focused on the problem of racism. As a black and a white musician, growing up in Alabama during the Civil Rights Era, they are uniquely qualified to speak about their experiences and frame the program in the rich cultural backdrop of the Blues. Their current album also follows this path with many songs on social change, instead of recycling old Blues themes.

“Phil is among a very small handful of virtuosos whose command of his instrument takes my breath away. His talent rivals that of any artist I’ve encountered in my career in Classical music, in my view placing him in the company of the Yo-Yo Mas and the Joshua Bells of the world.” Scott Freck, General Manager, North Carolina Symphony

“A cool showcase for Kilby’s fingerpicking work – but pay attention to the words. One trademark of Kilby’s originals is the use of a deceptively down-to-earth approach to lay some deeper-than-you-may-think wisdom on the table." - Brian Robbins, Jambands dot com.

Framträdanden av George Kilby Jr., Phil Wiggins

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