"Gurunam Singh Live" Grace of God Tour
Come chant your way to peace, bliss, balance and an open heart! Gurunam’s music heals and elevates. His humor and stories soothe the soul. Bless yourself with an evening to remember!

The Naad of Relaxation - workshop
Using Naad Yoga, The Yoga of Sound, and live music with Gurunam Singh, we will explore techniques to bring the mind and body into a state of calm and balance. There will be a minimal amount of yoga and pranayam at the start of the class followed by lots of chanting, meditations and a deeper exploration of the chakras.

Gurunam Singh is a world traveler and touring Mantra Artist who, along with chants and sacred prayers, also composes his own songs. He has been teaching and sharing Naad Yoga (The Yoga of Sound) for 6 years, and practicing for 22. Gurunam lived at the Espanola Ashram in Espanola, NM and studied with Yogi Bhajan for a number of years. His focus and personal intent is to open to grace and to share with others in opening to that sacred space.

Framträdanden av Gurunam Singh live!