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Nitzer Ebb + support Priest

Nitzer Ebb
It is often assumed that Nitzer Ebb with their unusual name and aggressive sound are originated within the German techno scene, but the truth is that this trio hail from the UK, Chelmsford.

Formed in 1982 by school friends Douglas McCarthy [Lead vocals, guitar], Vaughn 'Bon' Harris [vocals, percussion, guitars] and David Gooday, [percussion], Nitzer Ebb were influenced by the harder sounds of the early techno pop scene, including elements from several other genres too until they had created their own identifiable sound, characterised by extremely powerful rhythms, minimal sequenced hooklines and fierce lyrics.

Last time the band played in Sweden was in 2011. Now the original bandmembers reunite for a handful unique shows in Europe before festivalsummer 2019. Sweden gets two visits in Stockholm on December 7th and Gothenburg December 9th.

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Priest has since the debut album "New Flesh" released in November 2017 been busy saving Sweden and Europe, playing festivals like Amphi festival in Cologne, Germany.

The band has both a strong visual and musical expression. Their (electronic) influences are clear, a mixture of classical music, dark metal and pop melodies.

This autumn, an EP is planned and, in the spring, they will join the Aestethic Perfection European Tour. But first, they will do their second gig in Stockholm, this time as support act to the legendary Nitzer Ebb

Framträdanden av NITZER EBB, PRIEST

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