Zephaniah OHora med band kommer till Folk Å Rock 26/8.

Inleder kvällen gör Kristina Murray.

Mer info kommer.

The career of Zephaniah OHora has just begun, but he's undoubtedly off to a good start. It seemed like he was just there all of a sudden - this 30-something-year-old from Brooklyn, New York who looks equal parts like Nick Cave and Willy DeVille and released a monster of a debut album with "This highway", one of the most cherished and acclaimed country music releases in decades.

And, perhaps the best part: He does it without posing as someone he's not - there's no perfectly shaped cowboy hat or pretend southern slang here, if you get the drift. Just an honest man with an honest voice, singing honest lyrics to a steady countrypolitan beat in front of a crowd who keeps falling in love with his music as the songs progress.

Everything else aside - that's how you do it. "Unique and cathartic" were the words Glide Magazine used to describe the phenomenon that is Zephaniah OHora, and we couldn't agree more.

Framträdanden av Zephaniah Ohora, Kristina Murray

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