The Sewergrooves & Acid's Trip gör gemensak sak och tar över Sticky Fingers Top Floor och ni gör bäst i att vara där. Ett fåtal early bird-biljetter finns ute nu och vi rekommenderar starkt att ni införskaffar er biljett för att säkra er plats. Någonstans i denna bokning finns såklart en dålig ordlek om att trippa loss groovigt - men vi håller oss borta från sådan röten humor och konstaterar istället att detta kommer bli en legendarisk afton med smutsig, briljant rock precis som den ska vara!

Altay Sagesen (Altays Electric Freedom, The Doit's, The Last Tendrils mf.l) a.k.a mannen som en gång spelade Slayers 'Reign in Blood' fler gånger under en dag än vad som borde vara möjligt agerar dessutom DJ kvällen till ära!


The Sewergrooves: The Sewergrooves play a brand of soulful rock, that is quite unique in the contemporary musical landscape. 24 years strong, 8 records and what seems like a million 7-inches – those are the notable facts of their band-history: as the scandinavian Rockscene decided to move into stadium-territory and rock the masses, the Sewergrooves took the opposite direction and found their refuge back in the garage. It is exactly this decision that makes their sound stand out. The Sewergrooves are true legends of the swedish garage-scene and a must to experience live on stage!


Acid’s Trip: Acid's Trip from Gothenburg was formed in late 2018 by Acid, former guitarist of Honeymoon Disease, with a clear vision of performing high speed rock'n'roll. In early 2019 the hypersonic drummer Rockard joined along with bassman Chris and the band quickly became the the new Swedish rock sensation on everyone's lips. A final addition was made by no less than Olle Hedenström from Dead Lord - Flying V guitarist and riff master!

With two shreddin' guitarists in the front and a dynamite rythm section this power house is running over the garage rock scene - with rapid electric guitars, groovy riffs and chopper culture!

The bands new singel "Rock'n'Roll Speedball" comes with a twist of furious motor engines and Gothenburg groove. With a strong fanbase all around Europe Acid's Trip is now hittin' the charts to reclaim the rockin' vibes and fill your heads with groovy rock'n'roll!

The band is real and the hype is a fact! So follow and get knocked out!!


Vad: The Sewergrooves + Acid´s Trip DJ: Altay Sagesen Var: Top Floor, Sticky Fingers När: Lördag 26e oktober Pris: 140kr (early bird), 190kr ord. biljett, 225kr i dörren Ålder: 18+

Framträdanden av The Sewergrooves, Acid's Trip

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