The Godfathers, Birth-School-Work-Death-Love-Hate-Hit-by-Hit häftig kult-Rock'n'Roll från London, kommer till Folk Å Rock lördag 20/10! Support: Apa State Mental. Öppnar 19, på scen 21. Fysiska biljetter hos Folk å Rock, Musik & Konst och Skivesset. Bar, Rockklubb med stående publik & Restaurang.

Supersuccé förra gången, en söndagkväll i december, men nu Saturday Nite Live!

Lokal efterlängtad support blir det i form av PunkGarageJungleFuzz-bandet APA STATE MENTAL som är Peter Mattsson - Guitar, Anders Wieslander - Bass, Crazy Arms - Arms, Jacob Zetterholm - Vocals. Motto: Bringing a jungle beat to the punks on the street. Like Almighty King Kong Said, "FUZZ'N'ROLL!"

Peter Coyne, The Godfathers, said he wanted their new album to be a....”Kick arse contemporary Rock'n'Roll record that expands upon the musical legacy of the great Godfathers albums - Hit By Hit, Birth School Work Death, More Songs About Love And Hate and Unreal World. And I believe we've done that.” and he's right, they have!

What makes a great Rock'n'roll band? Songs from the heart that can take on the world & move people?

Electrifying live shows that leave crowds always wanting more?

A sense of musical individuality & personal style that sets them apart from all the other bands out there?

A passionate belief in the roots & traditions of rock & roll music combined with a burning desire to make contemporary records that will stand alongside the best?

Framträdanden av The Godfathers

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