Conspiracy of Planets unites diverse energies from across the electronic party underground, across international scenes and collectives, and brings them to your dancefloor to move bodies and minds.

For this first confluence in Malmö, we’re packed with not one but multiple live acts, bookended by creative DJing, drawing deep from techno, industrial, and new wave vibrations.

From Warszawa and it’s hot and disruptive Brutaż collective, Dyktando channels Poland’s raw punk past into hard-hitting new forms. CoPs co-conspirator Peter Kirn, American in Berlin, mixes adventurous techno and adventurous technology, a similar blend to his music tech site/community platform and Establishment label.

The home team bring just as much electrical mayhem. SONA is the other half of the Conspiracy, and carries the banner of secretive Swedish rave engineers Pommes 94 and her ceiling-battering Potent Pussy collective. Vodou & Oljud 170 combine for dynamic boiling acid techno brewed in the countryside, by acid astronauts for a cybercryptococonutswing bass, but ready to fire into orbit.

No copy-paste playlists here - expect back-to-back live acts, improvisation, and acrobatic DJing.

Optical imaginations will be augmented by visual work of Kbo, also our resident designer.

We come not as individuals, but a force; do join the conspiracy with us.

Framträdanden av DYKTANDO [Brutaż, Warsaw] - live, PETER KIRN [Establishment, Berlin] - live, VODOU & OLJUD 170 [MIR] - live, SONA [Pommes 94, Potent Pussy, GLUK], KBO [Pommes 94] - visuals

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