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THE LAST RESORT (UK) + support: Käftsmäll

OBS NYTT DATUM! NY VENUE pga hög efterfrågan på biljetter!

PUSH (Hamngatan 37, Gallerian en våning upp), Lördag 13 nov 2021, Insläpp: 19.00, Konsert fr. : 21.00, Förköp: 175 SEK, Biljetter i dörren: 250 SEK

THE LAST RESORT The Last Resort is a name synonomous with the Oi! movement both as a shop catering for those of the skinhead persuasion and lifestyle in the 1980’s and also as one of the iconic bands of that era, whose reputation far outweighed their early recorded output. This has resulted in the band being given legendary status despite only being together originally for little over a year between 1980 and 1982. In recent years they have released records such as「YOU’LL NEVER TAKE US - SKINHEAD ANTHEMS II」「LIVE AND LOUD」and 「THIS IS MY ENGLAND - SKINHEAD ANTHEMS III」and traveled all over the world and remaining influential across generations and international borders!

Käftsmäll Skitarg punkmusik!

Framträdanden av The Last Resort, Käftsmäll

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