Welcome to three days of indulging in deep, playfully obsessive attention: Choreographic works that are poems. Highly performative concerts. A dance that examines the body as a musical instrument. Another that is music for the eye. EAREYE is a festival that listens with its eyes and see with its ears, curated by choreographer Alma Söderberg.

Framträdanden av Jeanine Durning & Tian Rotteveel "Dark Matter", Cullberg / Deborah Hay "The Match", Sofia Jernberg "One Pitch: Birds for Distortions and Mouth Synthesizers", Jeanine Durning "inging", Janine Harrington "Screensaver Series", Tian Rotteveel "Breathtaking", Sukitoa o Namau (live), Rani Nair "Memory Lab", Cara Tolmie & Susanna Jablonski "Gender of Sound", Stina Fors (live), Olivia Riviere & Lisen Pousette "Ever Losing", + more
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