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Entrén öppnar 01 jun 18:30
Startar 01 jun 19:00

Det är inte möjligt att köpa biljetter till detta evenemang. Evenemanget har redan ägt rum.

Try-dimensions through Trans-realities is a dance performance for a cast of three queer dancers. We talk of queer in its intersectional understanding where Queer, disabled, Feminist and trans people and questions cross over, care and learn from each other.

Try-Dimensions through Trans-Realities departs from the potential of science fiction to project and visualise trans-inclusive futures both through its cyborg imaginary: where a journey towards androgyny accompanies a departure from natural canons and towards constructed bodies. In this work, moved by science fiction aesthetics, bodies assemble and are assembled by imaginary prosthetic constellations.

In this work, the term trans-reality is reappropriated as a metaphor for the space of understanding where the sharing of experiences of disassociation and construction of identities enables a platform of mutual understanding.

Try-dimensions through Trans-realities is finally as much about how we inhabit digital spaces to experiment and embody prosthetic selves as it is about how we return to and reengage with the mainstream world transformed by this experience. About how we become closer to ourselves through being together. About how we inhabit the space of the stage as a primitive technology where we can experiment with utopic realities. About how we dance with the digital memories of our desired bodies in the very analogue space of the stage, making virtual experiences of desire into tangible and existable realities.

Biljetter: Vuxna 100 kr, Ungdom under 26 år gratis

Framträdanden av Artistic Direction and Choreography by Dinis Machado (SE/PT), Original Soundtrack by Godill (SE), Danced by Ali Moini (FR), Mia Meneses (PT) Dinis Machado (SE/PT), Scenography, Light design and costume by Dinis Machado

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