Startar 10 jun 21:00

Arrangör: Majas vid Havet

Unik show med Sandstorm på Majas lilla innescen. Biljettpaket för två eller fyra gäster. Både sittande och stående gäster. Köpt biljett återtages ej. Dörrar 21, gig 21.30.

Formed in winter of 2017 with members from Vancouver and Gothenburg, the band is influenced by 80’s underground European metal and the N.W.O.B.H.M.

Sandstorm takes its Heavy Metal madness to new levels with its blend of powerful riffs, rock solid rhythms and soaring vocal melodies.

The band has played alongside acts such as Lucifer, R.I.P., SPELL, THOR, Black Mastiff, Villain, Time Rift, Howling Rain and more.

Bass/Vocals: Reptile Anderson Guitar/Vocals: Stevie Whiteless Drums: PJ La Griffe

Album: Time To Strike (2019) (Dying Victims Production) EP: Desert Warrior (2021) (Dying Victims Production)

Official music videos Death is near

Denizen of Hell

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