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The Southside Cavern (Pub Southside)
Måndag 18 mars
Insläpp: 19.00
Konsert fr. : 20.00
Förköp: 195 SEK
Biljetter i dörren: 250 SEK

För den som vill äta innan konserten, boka bord på: 08-669 50 52

The National Reserve
I fem års tid formade The National Reserve sin musik på barerna hemma i Brooklyn. Där lärde de sig hantverket och hur man handskas med publik som egentligen är mer intresserad av barhäng än musik. Dessutom fick de chans att (relativt) ostört utveckla sin egen tagning av klassisk amerikansk rotrock. Och när deras debutplatta släpptes våren 2018 slog den ner som en bomb. Här var ett helt komplett band, samspelat, bra låtar och makalös sång! The National Reserve är något för vänner av Band Of Heathens, Cordovas och, vågar vi säga det, the Band. Vi är glada och stolta att för första gången presentera The National Reserve i Skandinavien. En längre turné är planerad i februari/mars 2019.

For nearly half a decade, The National Reserve has spent its Friday nights lighting it up at a Brooklyn bar, winning over boozers and barflies with epic sets and a remarkable breadth of songcraft and showmanship. Now, with their stunning new Ramseur Records debut album, MOTEL LA GRANGE, the band has captured every bit of that energy, emotion, and entertainment for all to hear.

Founded and fronted by singer-guitarist Sean Walsh, The National Reserve mine an archetypal musical seam, marrying gutbucket R&B, Laurel Canyon lyricism, New Orleans funk workouts, late night soul, and bluesy, boozy rock ‘n' roll to create their own timeless brand of American music. Songs like "Found Me A Woman" and the indelible title track reveal a gifted new tunesmith while masterfully reminding one and all of the simple beauty of a great American bar band – two guitars, organ, bass and drums rocking out in the corner, singing their songs to soundtrack the night.

The New Jersey-born Walsh began his musical journey amongst New Brunswick's all-ages house show punk scene, a formative experience that instilled his standing belief in the power of music to create community. New inspiration came in the form of classic American artists like The Band and Bob Dylan, whose rebellious, revolutionary spirit proved especially mind-blowing.

"When I heard BLONDE ON BLONDE," he says. "I thought this is way more punk rock than anything I had ever heard."

Walsh began writing songs and relocated to Brooklyn where he put together the first iteration of The National Reserve. The band worked hard, traveling constantly in an effort to both grow as artists and win over new fans.

In time, Walsh eventually united the ideal National Reserve lineup he'd been working towards – guitarist Jon LaDeau, bassist Matthew Stoulil, keyboardist Steve Okonski, and drummer Brian Geltner. Having found his crack combo, Walsh took The National Reserve off the road and began taking a more "old school approach" inspired by the paths taken by some of his greatest musical heroes.

"Look at The Band." Walsh says, "Guys like Taj Mahal and Leon Russell, they cut their teeth doing what we call residencies now but were just a gig back then. You'd play three weeks at one club and then move on; play three weeks at the next club. You basically holed up somewhere and learned how to entertain people. And that, in my opinion, is something that has been lost."

The National Reserve settled into their new paradigm and began playing marathon weekly gigs at Brooklyn's Skinny Dennis in Williamsburg; four-hour sets that encompassed arcane R&B covers, classic rockers, and Walsh's own increasingly potent original songs.

"We've missed maybe ten of ‘em," Walsh says. "Last time I did the math, we had played close to a thousand hours, just at that one bar."

Week after week of hard performance strengthened The National Reserve into an unstoppable unit. Walsh's initial singer-songwriter approach

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