Verket för stillebentraditionen till scenen som sätts i kontrast till teatern som tillfällig händelse.

Under mars arbetade Johanna Malm, Ruby Nilsson och Christopher Lloyd i residens hos oss för att påbörja arbetet med verket gravity and graves. Verket har premiär på Inkonst 27 augusti.

The work brings the tradition of the still life, particularly the vanitas, to the stage and rubs it against the temporality of the theatre event. It regards this event as inherently being at loss; since it’s beginning it’s inevitably moving towards its end; its birth an omen. A site of transcience & finitude, crammed up between voices from the underworld and predictions of what is to come (it doesn’t look too good). In this space there is this feminine body moving about; at times she resembles the Lolita figure, the hypersexualized girl child as image, ghost and currency. She dwells on the process of decay, projections of decomposing desirability and the arrows of time, quite literally.