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Revival Booking presents: _ H E M L I G H E T E N

UNIFORM - US www.facebook.com/uniformnewyork www.unifuckingform.bandcamp.com/

  • Through an industrialized mill of grating guitars, warped electronics, war-torn percussion, and demonically catchy vocalizations, Uniform have bulldozed a path to the forefront of underground music. The trio – Michael Berdan (vocals, synths), Ben Greenberg (guitar, production), and Mike Sharp (drums) - delivered their most powerful offering to date with 2020s Shame. Full of neck-snapping riffs, guttural distortion, percussive maelstrom, anguished howls, and spiteful screams towards oblivion, Shame follows characters who walk a Sisyphean circle of existential malaise doomed to repeat yesterday’s vices without the promise of a better tomorrow. The lead-up to Shame proves just as intriguing as any of its characters’ exploits. Born in 2013, Uniform’s debut LP Perfect World (2015) was released on 12XU in the States and ALTER abroad. Following its success they migrated to Sacred Bones. Wake in Fright (2017) was followed by The Long Walk (2018) which solidified their place as purveyors of industrial noise. After touring with the likes of Deafheaven and Boris, they joined forces with The Body for a pair of collaborative albums – Mental Wounds Not Healing (2018) and Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back (2019) – as well as the live release, Live at the End of the World (2020). While Shame thematically revolves around an anti-hero, the album shows Uniform to be both champions of, and victors in, pushing boundaries.

PSYWARFARE - BE www.facebook.com/Psywarfare/ www.psywarfare.bandcamp.com/

  • Flickering imagery haunts, concealing the forgotten past of this vampyric nightmare known as Psywarfare. Distorted, broken sounds from the deteriorated reels of many lost, 1920s silent era horror film devours the listener within the blackened, grit-pocked nightmare that is conjured throughout. Dilapidated victrola players warp reality horrifically unrecognizable, while distressed memories shatter themselves across the weathered moving picture screen. Blurred glimpses of unfocused darkness splinters its way through your innermost fears. Spectres illuminate against a barrage of horrific sound, cornered inside your dogged imagination. Dwid Hellion unleashes yet another abomination of sonic terror. Entirely devoid of genre restrictions or expectation. Designed to infect and infest, like a parasitic worm burrowing deep within the unsuspecting psyche of humanity. Relapse recording artist, Psywarfare rejects and inverts the acceptable methodology of music, contorting its creation into an inevitable sound weapon.

Plats: Hemligt, ges 48 tim via email eller sms innan eventet Tid: 19.00 Ålder: 18+ Biljetter ute via tickster www.tickster.com/sv/events/search?q=revival+booking

Hemligheten är, som namnet säger, ett hemligt klubbkoncept som går ut på att engagera folk till att upptäcka nya platser och att uppleva Göteborg i ett nytt ljus. Var evenemanget utspelar sig kommer annonseras till dem som köpt förköp via sms eller email 48 timmar innan insläpp. Ifall du köper en biljett inom dessa 48 timmar så rekommenderar vi att ni kontaktar oss direkt vid köp för att försäkra er om att ni blir informerade om var evenemanget är i god tid. Platsen som dessa evenemang är på kommer alltid vara lättillgängliga/centrala med kollektivtrafik och välkomna för alla över 18 år.

vid vidare frågor: revivalbooking@live.com

Framträdanden av UNIFORM, PSYWARFARE

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