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Revival Booking & Sound Of Liberation presents:

KING BUFFALO - USA https://kingbuffalo.com/ https://kingbuffalo.bandcamp.com/album/regenerator

  • When reality is continually punching you in the face, music can sometimes be the only escape that really counts. And when it comes to weaving a magic carpet of sound that simply cannot fail to transport the listener somewhere brighter and better, KING BUFFALO are the absolute space-daddies. Guardians of their own sweet spot, where stoner rock and psychedelic exploration collide in a shower of good vibrations and astral mischief, the Rochester trio are already on the verge of legendary status: principally, because no one else does this stuff quite like KING BUFFALO.

Tid: 19.00 Plats: The Abyss, Andra Långgatan 35, 41327, Göteborg Biljetter säljes via tickster Ålder: 18+

vid vidare frågor: revivalbooking@live.com

Framträdanden av KING BUFFALO

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